Keeping Up The Mystery

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Keeping Up The Mystery - Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Rachel’s P.O.V.

I stared at Eddie, while Emma showed him her drawing of him and Abby. I was watching his face, and his body language.
“That’s you!” Emma exclaimed, touching the Eddie-figure on the paper. “See? You and Abby are holding hands!” Something in Eddie’s face changed. It tightened slightly. Abby missed it; the stupid girl was looking at me instead.
“Why are we holding hands Emma?” Eddie asked, sounding curious.
“Because you like each other,” she said simply, taking her drawing out of his hands. Again I kept a close watch on Eddie’s face and saw it and his shoulders tense slightly. He laughed though.
“Okay then.” He knew it was pointless to argue with a five-year-old. And again, Abby had missed his reaction, she had turned to the mirror and was pinning her fringe back. She turned around when Emma tugged at her skirt.
“Here,” she said, holding out the drawing.
“Thank you Sunshine,” Abby said, taking the picture and kissing Emma on the top of her head. Emma wrapped her arms around Abby’s neck, so Abby picked her up and propped the picture up on her dressing table.  “Look, everyone can see it when they come in,” she told Emma who crowed with delight.
“Oh,” I said, suddenly remembering that the boys had indeed been signed today. “I forgot… Congratulations!” Eddie and Jed laughed as I stepped forward to hug them. As I hugged him I pulled off Eddie’s beanie.
“I wear knit hats when it’s cold out, you wear knit hats because of Coldplay,” I said, chucking the beanie over my shoulder. Abby started laughing.
“Brilliant use of that line Rachel, I commend you,” she said. I knew if she hadn’t been holding Emma she would have clapped.
“Television show I’ve never watched?” he asked, walking over to his beanie and picked it up while I hugged Jed.
Two Broke Girls. Best show ever,” Abby clarified.
“I feel like the odd one out,” I said, looking down at my clothes. “Why are you all still in your uniforms?”
“Who can be bothered getting changed after school? Why put in the effort?” Eddie shrugged, pulling on the beanie. Abby raised an eyebrow and grimaced at the hat. “What?”
“To be completely honest it sort of looks like you’re wearing a condom on your head.” My eyes flicked to Emma, who was playing with Abby’s necklace and seemed to have missed the conversation.
“What! No!” Eddie said, looking in the mirror and pushing his fringe to one side. He paused and frowned. “Does it really?” He looked at me appealingly.
“Yeah, it does,” I confirmed. He looked back at Abby who shrugged and then pulled it off his head.
“Fine.” He walked sadly out of the room his beanie in his hand. Abby rolled her eyes, and shifted Emma’s weight before following him out. Jed and I stood awkwardly for a moment before he signalled for me to go first. I ducked my head, blushing slightly, as I walked out the door. He pulled it closed behind him and followed me down the hallway.
In the lounge-room Eddie flopped onto the couch, Abby sat a space away from him, Emma on her lap. I sat next to her and Jed sat on my other side. Abby took Emma’s hair out of the little ponytail it was in and started braiding it expertly. I stared at her with envy. I wished I could braid. I could plait, but braiding was different. Abby complained that I could simply tie my hair with a ribbon, but I couldn’t braid, so we were even. She had even tried to teach me how to braid hair, but my fingers just wouldn’t comply. I noticed Eddie staring at Abby’s fingers as they nimbly pulled at Emma’s blonde locks. He glanced up and saw me looking at him, so he flicked his eyes away quickly. I smiled. Oh yes. I knew exactly what was going on here. Even if Abby didn’t.

Abby’s P.O.V.

I used Emma’s hair tie to tie off the end of her braid. I glanced at Rachel who was smirking slightly. I raised an eyebrow curiously and she shook her head looking amused. Jed and Eddie were watching the television, the sound of the six o’clock news drifting out of the speakers. I hugged Emma who then squirmed on my lap and climbed over to Eddie, preferring to snuggle with him rather than me. I pouted at her back for a moment, and then turned to see Mum walk round the corner from the kitchen with a mixing spoon in hand.
“Abby,” she said, trying to catch my attention, even though I was already looking at her. I gave her a look. “Do you know where Gerard is?”
“How would I know where he is?” I asked, frowning. Gerard never told me where he was going, unless he didn’t want me there at all. And that normally came with a threat. He hadn’t threatened me in a bit over a day now, so I had no idea where he was.
Mum shrugged. “He tells you more than he tells me,” she said.
“I dunno where he is, sorry.” Mum assumed a cranky expression and returned to the kitchen muttering darkly.
“Someone’s in trouble,” Jed observed.
“Nah,” I said, waving a hand dismissively. “Mum’ll forget she was angry when he gets home.” As I spoke I heard his ute pull up on the curb. “Speak of the devil and he doth appear.” I stood up and went to the front door. Stepping outside I raised a hand in front of my eyes to shield them from the sun.
Thinking I was waving, Gerard raised a hand in greeting. “Hey there Babbs!” he called. This time I waved as I walked towards him. He was pulling stuff out of the tray of his ute.
“Mum’s cranky at you,” I said, leaning my elbows on the edge of the tray. He looked up and smiled crookedly, a mischievous glint in his eyes.
“When is she not?” he asked. I shrugged.
“You were meant to be home early today, did work keep you back?” I asked, putting my hands on the lip of the tray and leaning back. I reached into the tray and hauled a bag out.
“I got off work at three,” Gerard informed me, lifting a box out of the ute with a grunt. “Come on, let’s get this stuff inside…”
“Well, where have you been?” I asked curiously. “And what’s in the box?” I nodded at the box he was carrying, as I shouldered his bag.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he asked, grinning cheekily.
“I suppose that answers both questions?”
“Yup.” And we said no more. Gerard was really quite mysterious when he wanted to be. I rolled my eyes and opened the door for him.
“Dad!” he called immediately.
“He’s in the study,” I said, pointing in the general direction. “Is that for him?”
“No,” said Gerard, walking hurriedly up the hall and to the study, the door of which he pushed open and closed with his foot. I stared at the door suspiciously, frowning for a moment before ambling up the hallway and opening the door to Gerard’s room. I tossed the bag in the direction of the bed and closed the door again, turning around and making my way back to the lounge.
As I sat down, Mum popped in again and looked at me.
“Did Gerard just get home?” she asked.
“Yeah, he went to see Dad.”
“He didn’t even say ‘hello’,” Mum said sadly as she walked back into the kitchen.
I sat down on the couch and smiled at everyone else, making idle conversation for ten minutes before Dad and Gerard emerged from the study after Mum had yelled that dinner was nearly ready. They were carrying the box, except now it was wrapped up in birthday wrapping. I sat up straighter and peered at the box.
“What is that? Who is it for?” I asked, swapping my stares between Dad and Gerard. In the meantime Emma scrambled off of Eddie’s lap and ran over to Gerard, hugging his knees.
“Uh, a present, and, um, not you,” said Gerard in a sarcastic tone. I gave him a look as he placed the box on the floor, before picking up Emma.
“Mandy!” Dad called to Mum.
“What?” She sounded cranky.
“Can you come here dear?”
“Dinner is almost done!”
“Mandy, can you just come here please, there’s a surprise for you!” I heard a spoon or something be thrown down onto the counter and then Mum came around to the lounge, pulling her apron off and looking enraged.
“What do you want David?” she demanded, before catching sight of the box. “What’s that?”
“Happy Birthday Mandy!” “Happy Birthday Mum!” Dad and Gerard said at the same time. For a moment I had a slight heart attack, then I remembered her actual birthday wasn’t until the weekend, and this must be an early present. I stood up and inconspicuously approached the other four members of my family to see what was in the box. Gerard grinned at me though, so I supposed I hadn’t been that inconspicuous.
“It’s kind of a present for everyone,” said Gerard. I bounced forward.
“I volunteer to unwrap it then!” I exclaimed, raising a hand. Gerard stuck out an arm and pushed me backwards, nearly causing me to fall over.
“Abuse!” I yelled. “And he has an unfair advantage! I can’t hit him, because he’s using Emma as a shield!” Gerard laughed.
“Shush, Abby, Mummy is going to open the big present!” Emma scolded. Everyone laughed, and then Mum pulled the wrapping off the box.
“Why are there holes-” Gerard clamped a hand over my mouth while I stared at the box. I heard the others shifting on the couch behind me as Mum opened the flaps of the box. She squealed.
“IT’S A PUPPY!” I ripped Gerard’s hand off of my face and ran forward to look into the box. An adorable Dalmatian puppy with a red ribbon tied round it’s neck looked up at us with massive eyes. Then it stood and started bouncing around excitedly, yapping.
“Oh my God! It’s adorable!” I cried, reaching into the box. Mum stood to one side, clapping excitedly, Dad and Gerard were grinning excitedly and Emma was squealing excitedly. I picked up the little dog and pulled it out of the box. “Is it a girl or a boy?” I asked, as I cuddled it.
“A boy,” Dad said.
“He’s so cute!” Rachel said, standing up to come pat him.
“What are you gonna name him?” Jed asked, standing up and looking at Mum. I opened my mouth to make suggestions, then closed it again, remembering that this was Mum’s present, not mine, so I handed the puppy to her and looked at her expectantly.
“Oh, I don’t know,” she said, catching my eyes. “I think I’ll let Abby make a few suggestions…” I grinned and fist pumped. Gerard groaned.
“Mum, it’ll end up name Harry-Potter-Lumos-Protego-Weasley, or something similar.” I put my hands on my hips and glared at him.
“I was going to go for a Harry Potter name though…” I said, slowly. Gerard rolled his eyes, so I shot him another look and Emma even told him off. At least my five-year-old sister had faith in my name-choosing skills, even when my 19-year-old brother didn’t. Well, they should all have faith in me; I named Emma, didn’t I? “I was thinking either Prongs, or Kingsley.”
Gerard opened his mouth to say something smart obviously, then shut it again.
“Hm,” Mum said, thoughtfully, looking at the little puppy. “I like both. Nice choices Abby.” Dad nodded in agreement and I heard noises from the others that sounded like the too agreed.
After musing over the names for a few minutes, Mum handed me the pup and raced back to the kitchen to serve dinner.
“I guess we’ll wait until after dinner to decide then…” Gerard said. I nodded and put the puppy down for the first time since we picked it up out of the box. It followed me into dinner and sat at my feet throughout.
“He seems to have taken a liking to you,” Eddie said across the table.
“He’s not the only one it seems,” Rachel muttered so only I could hear.
“What?” I asked. I had no idea what she was on about and I gave her the evil-eyes as she picked at the food on her plate, smiling innocently. I would wring the truth out of her, whether she liked it or not.


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Keeping Up The Mystery - Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Abby’s P.O.V.

The reactions of the other girls were much to be expected. Chyneese’s jaw dropped and she fumbled her phone, which was in her hand. Rose actually dropped a stick and it clattered loudly on the table-top. Theona grinned widely, her first look of shock replaced quickly with joy. I re-crossed my legs, and shook my hair free of the ponytail it was in, flicking the elastic on my wrist. Rachel sat down next to me, and picked at her polka-dotted nails.

   “To who?” Rose demanded, emerging from under the table where she had been scrabbling for her stick. “Who signed them?”

   “Sunday Morning Records,” I said. I drummed my fingers on my knees while the girls chattered in excitement. Then Chyneese looked at me.

   “Is it wrong that I’m jealous?” she asked. The chatter died down while the girls digested what she had said.

   “No,” Alex answered. “Because, to tell the truth, I’m a little peed off too.”

   “Yeah, I am too,” said Rachel. “We work just as hard as they do!”

   “What did they do to get signed that we haven’t?” Rose asked. Rachel, Alex and I laughed inappropriately. “Guys, you’re disgusting.”

   “Everyone else was thinking it,” Alex said.

   “Still,” I cut in, attempting to deflect an argument. “What does this mean for us? They’re in the industry now. Do we ride in their wake? Or should we continue on our own, without their help?”

   “Would they help us anyway?” Rose asked, tilting her head to the side. I looked at her and raised an eyebrow. She chose her next words very carefully. “What I mean is, do you think they’d want us to make it on our own? To put in the effort.”

   “That’s true,” Theona said finally. “I think we should continue on our own, that way we’ll truly appreciate it when we make it.”

   “You think we won’t appreciate it either way?” asked Chyneese in disbelief.

   “No, what I mean is-”

   “Of course we’ll appreciate being in the industry, but we won’t have put the effort in to get there, so it’ll be easier for us to sort of slip away,” Rachel said over Theona, who looked at the floor meekly. I smiled encouragingly at her and then looked around the circle.

   “Well, whatever happens, I’ll never let us slip into the abyss. We’re going to keep fighting to be signed, okay guys? We won’t ever give up.” I nodded decisively as I spoke.

   The other girls agreed, nodding and shaking on it. We were set. We were going to show the boys that we could also make it.

After I had dropped the girls home that afternoon I had to pick up Emma from her school. I parked the car in the car park and walked toward her classroom. I was about two steps from the door, and even had my hand outstretched when I heard a high-pitched squeal from behind me.

   “Are you Abby? From Azure Fox?” a voice demanded of me. I turned around to find myself looking at two girls of about 13, one with a guitar over her shoulder. I raised an eyebrow and smiled.

   “Uh, yes?” The girls looked at each other and squealed again. It was really quite irritating. I smiled again to hide my annoyance, although I couldn’t help but sneak a glance at my watch, another few minutes and this corridor was going to be crawling with little ankle-biters.

   The girls without the guitar pulled her backpack off and riffled through it, before pulling out a copy of the magazine Theona had got us in.

   “We’ve been to all your concerts! We love your music! You guys are an inspiration! We want to make a band just like Azure Fox when we get older! Can you sign this?” she said, all very quickly. It was a good thing I had known Rachel for years really, otherwise I wouldn’t have understood a word that was said. She was holding out the magazine to the page Azure Fox was on, and a pen.

   “Um, thank you. But they’re not really concerts, they’re just gigs. And you’re lacking a few members to make a mini-Azure Fox aren’t you?” I asked laughing.

   “Oh, yes, but we plan on gaining a few members.”

   “I play lead guitar see, and Michelle sings.”

   “Yeah, yeah I do. And your gigs are more like concerts.”

   “They’re so cool.” “I can’t believe we saw you.” “I can’t believe you signed our magazine.” “You are so amazing!” “How is your hair that colour?” “Can you teach us one of your songs?” “Can you teach us all of your songs?” “Do you write the songs? Or is it Rachel or Alex or someone?” “Where do you get your inspiration from, if you do write your songs that is?” “How long have you been singing?” “How long have you played guitar?” I could no longer tell which words came from which mouth. I held up my hands and took a step back.

   “Look girls, I would love to stay and chat, but I have to pick up my sister, so nice meeting you!” I reached for the door handle again, pressing it down.

   Unfortunately it appeared that the girls were picking up a younger sibling of their own.

   And so it continued.

   “You have a little sister?” “She goes here?” “Oh my God.” “What’s her name?” “How old is she?” “Do you get along with her?” “Does she look like you?” “Do you have any other siblings?” I couldn’t get a word in edge ways. I was amazingly relieved when Emma rushed my knees with a yell of ‘ABBY!’, and wrapped her arms around them.

   “Hello, Sunshine,” I said, prying her off and kneeling to be level with her. “Where’s your bag?” As she danced off to find her bag, I watched the girls receive their own little sibling whom they pet on the head and told was adorable. I looked away from them when they looked toward me and watched as Emma dragged her bag over to me, smiling a gap-toothed smile.

   “Abby, look,” she said, pulling her bag in front of her and unzipping it. “I drawed you a picca.” She held it up proudly, while I corrected her grammar. It was obviously me, I didn’t know anyone else with such blatantly pink hair. I was standing next to what appeared to be a backwards horse maybe.

   “What’s that?” I asked, poking it.

   “That’s Uncle Eddie,” she beamed.

   “Eddie?” I frowned, and squinted. “Uh huh, yeah, I see that. But why did you draw Eddie?”

   “You’re always with him, so I drawed you together. You like each other.” She said this all matter-of-factly, while folding up the picture.

   “Emma, Eddie and I aren’t… We don’t like each other.”

   “Then why do you play together all the time?” she asked, looking up at me with round eyes. I reached down for her backpack and swung it over a shoulder.

   “We’re friends, but we’re close friends, so we hang out a lot. We don’t play.” I glanced over at the girls who seemed to be listening to the conversation, even as they wrestled their brother out the door.

   “But you hug him,” she said. Her child logic was hard to argue with, although I was sure I didn’t feel that way about Ed, and he most definitely didn’t feel that way about me.

   “Eddie has a girlfriend, Emma.”

   “What?” she demanded, stomping her foot. “But he likes you! I can tell.”

   “I don’t think so,” I said, holding out my hand for her to take. We squeezed through the door and walked to the car, I distracted Emma from Eddie and I by asking what she did in class today. She babbled happily all the way home.

At around five o’clock, while I was struggling my way through masses of English homework, Rachel walked into my room, eating a fresh baked muffin my mother had left on the bench. She handed me one and sat down on my bed.

   “I think these were meant for Emma and my recess tomorrow,” I said, biting into mine and savouring the taste.

   “Your mum handed them to me.” She shrugged. “Why are you still in your uniform?” she asked. I looked down at the skirt and shirt I still had on and shrugged.

   “I was too lazy to change,” I said. She nodded sympathetically. She herself was in a pair of high waisted shorts and had a print tee tucked into them.

   “Are you staying like that for dinner?” she asked.

   “Yeah, I suppose, why? Are you staying for dinner?”

   “Uh, yeah.” She looked at me like I was stupid. “Didn’t your mother tell you that Eddie and Jed are coming round for dinner too?” My jaw dropped and then I assumed a very deeply angered expression.

   “Why am I always the last to know?” I demanded. I stood up and stomped down to the kitchen, Rachel on my heels, asking about more muffins.

   Mum was in the kitchen, reading over a recipe while chopping vegetables.

   “Mum!” I snapped. She looked over her shoulder at me.

   “Yes, dear?” she asked, turning around fully and wiping her hands on her apron. She raised an eyebrow in apparent disbelief. “Are you wearing that to dinner?”

   “Well, obviously, seeing as no one told me we were having company!” I said, putting my hands on my hips. She turned back to her chopping.

   “I’m sorry, it must have slipped my mind.”

   “Brilliant. With your mind everything will be boiled in milk instead of water and desert with be apple-tart, but don’t eat it! Because mum put bacon in it instead of apples.” There was a short pause, while I breathed deeply, then we all cracked up laughing.

   “I was actually just going to have ice-cream for desert,” Mum said. “That way I can’t confuse it.”

    “Okay then, good plan Mum,” I said. Rachel giggled. She had somehow managed to pinch another muffin. “Mum! Rachel’s eating all our food!”

   “Well, tell her that the muffins may possibly have arsenic in them,” she laughed, waving her knife in the air crazily. “You never know with my cooking!” I laughed and then grabbed Rachel’s arm to drag her back to my room.

   “What can I even wear?” I asked, biting my lip. I opened my wardrobe and looked at the masses of clothes stuffed into it. After staring for a few minutes I closed the closet doors and looked in the mirror. “Actually, I can’t be bothered. It’s just Eddie and Jed.”

   “You just like how skinny you look in that, and how long your legs look,” Rachel said, pointing at me and looking accusing.

   “Yeah, and that. But really, it is only Eddie and Jed. They’ll live.” Rachel scoffed for some unknown reason and shook her head. “What?”

   “Nothing,” she said, shaking her head.

   “Alright…” I unrolled the skirt twice to look more modest, even though my skirt was already the longest out of our group, apart from Theona of course.

   “What are you doing? You’re an idiot. Roll it back up, you have sexy legs.”

   “No, I just, I don’t even know why. Okay? Leave me alone!” I said, tugging my hair out of the bun I had shoved it in.

   Emma chose that moment to walk in.

   “Abby, Abby, Abby!” she yelled, running in. “Uncle Eddie is coming for dinner!”

   “Yes, Emma, I know,” I said, turning to look at her, while Rachel smirked.

   “Here, I bring you this!” She handed me the drawing. “You can show Uncle Eddie.”

   “You brought me this,” I corrected, taking the picture and smiling. “Why don’t you show Rachel what it is?” I handed Rachel the picture while Emma crawled onto the bed beside her. I turned back to my English work, half listening to Emma and Rachel.

   “Are they holding hands?” asked Rachel. I turned my head slightly, frowning.

   “Yeah. See, there.”

   “Why are they holding hands?”

   “They like each other.”

   “Oh, really?”

   “Yeah, but Abby says they don’t. But really, I think they like each other. I only hold hands and hug with David. And I like him.”

   “Your sister is very perceptive,” Rachel said to me.

   “No she isn’t,” I said, spinning around in my chair. “Why would you even…?” Rachel raised an eyebrow and smiled. “I don’t like him like that, okay? It’s friends only right there. Besides, he has a girlfriend, okay? I’m not a home wrecker.”

   “With a body like that, you could wreck my home anytime,” Rachel said suggestively with a sly wink.

   “Rachel, my sister is in the room.” We both glanced at Emma who was tracing her drawing of Eddie and I with her finger.

   “And she’s adorable!” she said, tackling Emma in a hug. Emma squealed excitedly and laughed.

   “Abby!” she called. “Abby, save me!” I laughed and got up then dived into the tussle, causing her to scream louder. Rachel and I tickled Emma, while punching and elbowing each other.

   “OW! Rachel, that was my boob!” I laughed.

   “Wow, girl on girl action in Abby’s room. I like it,” Eddie said from the doorway. “That’s pretty sexy.” I heard Jed laugh. Rachel and I looked up from the bed, breathing deeply and grinning. Suddenly Emma jumped out from between us.

   “Uncle Eddie!” she yelled, running to him. His face was shocked then he grinned.

   “Hi there Sunshine!” he said, picking her up. He looked back at us and bit his lip. “I feel awkward for the comments now.”

   “It’s all good,” I said, untangling myself from Rachel. “Congratulations guys!” I yelled, walking over and hugging first Eddie and then Jed. “Wait, wait…” I pulled them a few steps forward and into my room. “I have real live band members in my room,” I said, turning to Rachel with wide eyes.

   “Wow…” she said, staring back at me. “Real. Live. Band. Members.”

   “For some reason I fear for my virtue,” Eddie said, glancing between us. Jed slowly backed out of the room.

   “You have no virtue to fear for,” I said. He paused then nodded, laughing. “Emma drew me a picture today in class.”

   “Did you draw a picture Emma?” Eddie asked, grinning.

   “Yeah!” she grinned, squirming in Eddie’s arms so he had to put her down. She ran to the bed and picked up the drawing, then marched purposefully to Eddie’s side and led him to an empty spot on the floor, where he sat. She leaned in on his knee.

   “Is that Abby?” he asked, pointing at the pink-haired figure.

   “Yes. That’s Abby.”

   “Er, what’s that?” he asked, pointing to the backwards-horse-shaped-Eddie.

   “That’s you!” Emma said. “See? You and Abby are holding hands!” I looked at Rachel, but she was staring at Eddie intently. Why? What the hell was her problem?


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Keeping Up The Mystery - Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Rachel’s P.O.V

I tugged on the end of one of Abby’s curls as we walked to our next class. She and Alex and I were together in this class, which was English. Alex bopped people out of her way with her guitar, and when they turned around and gave her a look she would glare at them and they’d scuttle away. On my third tug of Abby’s hair, she whipped around and gave me a withering look. I smiled innocently. She flipped her pony-tail as she turned back, and managed to whip me across the face with it.

   “Ouch,” I said, putting my hand up to my cheek. “Abby, your curls hurt me.”

   “They don’t like your touchy-feely fingers,” she told me over her shoulder. Alex knocked another person out of her way, and, undeterred by her glare, he started swearing at her. “OI!” yelled Abby, stopping in her tracks. The boy scurried away and Abby watched until he was out of sight. “I don’t like him.”

   “That was Niles Peter. No one likes him,” I said, pushing her lightly in the back.

   “Yeah, I know, Rachel.” I practically heard her roll her eyes. “You think I’d yell at just anyone?”

   “You yell at me all the time…”

   “That’s because you’re a fool all the time.” I grinned. We walked into the classroom together and took our usual seats. Abby sat in front of Alex and I, next to Dallas Readson, a really, really cute guy, with a really, really cute accent. I looked at her reproachfully as she sat down and started up a conversation with him. My phone vibrated.

          -What? I got placed here.-

   I looked at Abby and sure enough her phone was in her hand. That was true. He was a new student, and Abby was the child of a teacher and was therefore made responsible for him in this class due to a lack of Prefect’s. I pouted then placed my laptop on the desk and opened it, ready to take notes. The teacher was quite good in this class actually, everyone liked her, and she taught us quite interesting things.

   She started lecturing and I dutifully started taking down notes. Next to me Alex was half doodling, half taking down notes. Abby was leaning back in her chair, balancing it on two legs with her phone in her hand. I tilted my head to the side as she scrolled through Facebook.

   Suddenly, she gasped and her chair tipped backwards, her head missed my table by a mere millimeter and she was left lying on the floor, still in her chair looking completely and utterly flabbergasted. After the laughter in the class had died down, and the teacher had chastised Abby for being on her phone, and Dallas had helped her back into her chair, Abby turned to look at me, her expression still of complete shock, with an underlying happiness and, if I was right, jealousy.

   “What?” I mouthed, afraid to make another disruption after Abby. She widened her eyes and then sighed, obviously not caring about causing a disturbance.

   “They got signed.” My mouth dropped open and I heard Alex drop her pen next to me. “They got signed,” she repeated unnecessarily, but some how the repetition was necessary for me. I was like a goldfish, gulping for air. I understood the look on Abby’s face now; I could feel mine slipping into the same mask. I was shocked. Even though they’d talked to us about getting signed I hadn’t realised it was at this point. The point where they were actually going to be signed. And I was so, so happy for them. I was excited about them being signed now, it was huge and it was salute to their hard work. And I was jealous. I was jealous that they were signed, and we weren’t.

   We sat in strained silence until the end of period. I could tell Abby was itching to get her fingers on her phone, but the teacher had confiscated it. She was happily reunited with it as we walked out the door to recess, the teacher giving her the ‘don’t let me catch you next lesson’ speech.

   Once outside Abby immediately dialled Eddie’s number, calling him back from the rehearsal. I could only hear her half of the conversation, as the three of us made our way to the music building for recess. Alex and I walked in silence listening to Abby’s conversation.

   “Eddie, it’s Abby,” she started. “Yeah, I saw, congratulations! That’s huge! We’re so excited!” She beamed into the phone. “I fell off my chair. No, literally – I fell off my chair.” She laughed. “Yeah.” More laughing. “Sunday Morning, hey?” she asked now. “That’s Stack’s label, you’re gonna be huge. Yeah! No joke, Ed! All their fans, plus the ones you already have! You may even be bigger than Stack.” A short pause. “No, I’m not kidding. I’m so proud of you boys. So proud. And I can’t believe you’re signed! Imagine, Because They Can in concert!” she squealed. “I’m so there.” Laughter. We had reached the music building now and Abby pulled open the door, indicating with a flick of her head for us to go in. Chyneese and Rose were already in her, sitting on some desks, watching the last few people from the class before hand trickle out. They gave us a few admiring stares.

 “Who’s she talking to?” Chyneese mouthed, as Abby walked in. I shook my head.

  “Yeah, well, I gotta run, Eddie, talk to you later. Bye! Haha, yes, buh-bye.” She hung up the phone and grinned at us. “He’s very excited.”

  “Well, he should be. It’s friggin incredible,” Alex said, her eyes wide. Chyneese and Rose raised their eyebrows questioningly as Abby hoisted herself onto a table and crossed her legs.

   “What?” Chyneese asked, a frown creasing her brow. Theona walked in then, and Abby sighed.

   “Because They Can got signed today,” she said to the whole group.

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thank you very much anon. i am writing the second chapter - however i’ve been busy lately, so i look forward to uploading it as soon as possible. if you want, can you help me get my follower count up? any fans of BTC or Stack would be brilliant. :D

Keeping Up The Mystery - Chapter One

Chapter One

Abby’s P.O.V.

Walking into school was always the most interesting part of the day. It was when we drew the most stares, no one having seen us for over fifteen hours. Monday’s were even better. People were still hyped over our weekend shows. It didn’t help that Alex wasn’t even in her uniform yet, or that my hair was a shade of pink that was impossible for anyone but me to replicate. That Rachel walked with a bounce in her step, or that Rose was constantly twirling a drumstick in one hand. Those things sort of drew attention.

   Today was a Monday, and we walked into school looking as we normally did. All our skirts rolled over so that they were shorter, all our top few buttons undone, Rachel and Alex a little more so than Rose and I. My hair was in a ponytail, and it still curled to mid-back. Rachel’s hair was brunette and she used a ribbon to keep it back from her face, she was the only one on the campus that could manage to do that. Alex had bed-hair, it fell in sheaves around her face, and Rose had her hair straightened today.

   Alex yawned as she handed her bag to Rachel and her guitar to me, so that she was able to pull her school shirt on and button it up. She flicked her hair out of the back of her shirt and tugged her blazer on, before taking her bag and guitar back. “He’s new,” she said, nodding towards a boy walking into the school to our left. He grinned and nodded as he passed us.

   “That’s Martin Cluger. He’s been here for two years,” Rose said, rolling her eyes.

   “Oh. Um, well…” Alex said, tilting her head to one side and biting her bottom lip. I rolled my eyes and waved as our friend, Theona, bounced up to us. Unlike us her skirt was the appropriate length, her shirt done all the way up and her tie tied properly. Her blazer was done up and on the lapel was a shiny prefects badge. A small white flower was pushed into her bun, and her fringe was in danger of covering her eyes, but she was still within the school uniform guidelines.

   “Guys,” she said, averting her eyes from us, her tone was warning. “You have to start dressing properly.” This was her usual greeting as she fell into step beside us. “I have something to show you,” she added, smiling sneakily. She opened her portfolio that she was carrying and pulled out a magazine. “Here.”

   I took the magazine and opened it, letting it fall open to the page that had a turned down corner. I was confronted with an image of me and the other four girls from a recent photo shoot Theona had conducted. Rachel, who was looking over my shoulder, squealed.

   “We’re in a magazine…” I said, looking up at Theona as we stopped in the walkway. Alex and Rose made excited noises and grabbed the magazine out of my hands.

   “It says here, ‘Azure Fox sounds like a fusion of Cobra Starship and more local band Art vs. Science, with a few snippets of artists such as Sneaky Sound System, and a more rock band, Short Stack thrown in. Killjoys will love their covers of Danger Days songs. Keep an eye out for these lovely ladies and any gigs you can catch them in, they’re worth a live viewing with their energetic leader, Abby, running around stage and through the audience, creating an electric field of entertainment. With Rose on drums and Rachel on synth the band is taken to a level of robust music that is not seen anywhere else. Their guitarist, Alex, happens to be worthy of a place in Australia’s Next Top Model, and bursts out some epic power cords that have not hit audiences any time recently and dirty dances with the bassist Chyneese, a girl with a great sense of humour and different perspective. Sure to be signed and be a hit, Azure Fox is an all girl band to be reckoned with.’ Oh my God,” Rachel read, having snatched the magazine from Rose.

   “When did you do that?” Alex demanded of Theona, hugging her. I grinned at Theona.

   “That’s brilliant!” I exclaimed. She smiled.

   “I had to get the photo’s and the demo tape in last month. That’s why I rushed you guys into that photo shoot.” She laughed.

   I rolled my eyes. About a month ago Theona had forced us into our clothes that we wore for gigs and had shoved us all into her car and driven us to her own makeshift studio, i.e. her carport. She’d made us pose and smile and be idiots. Now we knew why.

   I looked around for Chyneese, and spotted her shoving younger students out of the way. She pushed her hair out of her eyes, then saw me looking at her and grinned and waved. I waved back and she joined our little circle.

   “What’s that?” she asked, fingering her lip piercing, and looking at the magazine. Rachel was complaining about something to do with her hair. It looked fine to me.

   “Theona got us in the magazine,” I told her.

   “No way!” Chyneese said, grinning at Theona. “How’d you manage that?”

   “They were having an Unsigned Bands section, so I thought I might surprise you guys and enter Azure Fox. And they chose to do you. And a few other bands. But still.” I hugged her.

   “It is awesome,” I assured her. “Thank you so much.” Everyone murmured their thanks and joined the hug. I shrugged them off my shoulders after about ten seconds. I pulled my phone out of my blazer pocket and checked the time.

   “Time to go compadre’s,” I said, replacing my phone and fiddling with the rolled up sleeve of my shirt and blazer. Alex picked up her guitar, Rachel flicked her pony-tail, Theona straightened her uniform, Chyneese stomped a boot on the ground to get some dirt off, Rose ran a hand through her hair, and then we marched to our class.

Music was our first and best class of the day. And, amazingly, the six of us were all in it together. I pushed to the Music centre open and traipsed through the class, nodding at the teacher as I passed. He ticked our six names off the roll, sighing. I flung the door to the storage room open and then the door to the end room where we hung out for our music lessons. Hardly anyone else used this room, so it was gathering little things that showed our personalities. Where Theona sat there was a table with a rolling chair, and shelves with magazines, books and art supplies. There was a raised platform at one end with a drum-set on it. Our names were scribbled across the front, along with many of the other students who once used it. There were multiple amps and leads and speakers sitting around, the cords hanging from pegs on the wall, Rachel, Theona and I had spent a massive amount of time a couple of months ago, untangling them and organising them according to size and the sort of socket they had. There was a box full of working microphones and a box full of stuffed ones. An old computer sat on a desk linked up to a soundboard where we could cut and edit tapes, if we had the patience to start up the computer. Piece’s of random artwork done by any of us was stuck all over the walls. It wasn’t hard to tell that we spent most of our time in here.

   Alex followed me to my corner of room, where there was a CD player and sets of headphones, as well as masses of scribbled upon paper, a dictionary, a thesaurus, multi-coloured pens and textas and images of other bands for motivation. She sat down in one of the armchairs and pulled out her guitar, taking a moment to tune it, while I pulled my visual diary out of my bag and flicked through to the new song I was working on. Alex usually helped me with this part. I could sit at home and play the guitar myself, but I preferred for her to play the parts I needed while I only listened. Taking out my pen, I sucked on the lid while she finished tuning, reading the notes written down.

   “Alrighty,” she said, pushing some hair out of her face. “Hit me.” I kicked her lightly in the leg, smirking. “I said ‘hit’ not ‘kick’.” I punched her in the arm.

   “Better?” I asked.

   “Much.” We laughed, then I showed her the notes, pointing at a certain section with my pen.

   “Here, through here, please,” I said, indicating the parts I wanted. She nodded, then started playing the notes. I blocked out the other sounds in the room, Rachel tapping away at keys on her laptop, the quiet chatter of Rose and Chyneese and the paper shuffling of Theona as she searched for some piece of promotional artwork to finish off.

   With Alex playing I noticed a slight off-note in one section. “Wait,” I said. “Go back about four bars.” She complied. “There. Alright.” I put my pen to paper and edited the note. “Can you try that again?” Again she complied. It sounded much better. I grinned. “Brilliant.”

   We edited a few more parts of the song, stopping and starting, me scribbling and re-writing. After about 20 minutes Rose hung herself over the back of my chair, her chin sat in the middle of my head and her arms around me.

   “Guys,” she whined. “Can we practise that new one by Cobra Starship?”

   “#1Nite?” I asked, flipping my diary closed. “Sure.”

   “Awesome, I need to get used to the drum beat,” she said.

   It took us about ten minutes to set up the room how we needed it for the song. Rachel stood to one side with a keyboard and her laptop as well as a soundboard, Alex had an electric guitar hooked up to some amps, and Chyneese was tuning her bass. Rose was seated behind the drums, practising a few rolls. Theona stood by with the spare electric guitar in case I ended up needing one. We were almost ready to start when Mr MacDonnell made his entrance.

   “About to start a set girls?” he asked.

   “No, we’re about to practise a troublesome song,” said Rachel, pressing a few keys on the keyboard to check it was working.

   “Uh huh.” He looked around at us and rolled his eyes. “Once again, Theona is the only one of you appropriately dressed.” We all rolled our eyes, except Theona who looked at us all meaningfully. “Abby,” he said, starting with me, “Unroll your sleeves, button up your shirt, and where the hell is your tie? Also, your skirt is too short.” I clicked my finger above the mic to test the sound.

   “1, 2. 1, 2, 3, 4. Test, test.” He glared at me.

   “Rachel, skirt – too short. Shirt, way too many buttons undone, do your tie up properly. And what is that nail polish?”

   “Ooooone, twooooo.” He glared at me again.

   “Alex, just, what are you wearing? Is that even the uniform? Do you own an iron? Buttons done-up, blazer done up. Tie – tied. Skirt is way too short.”

   “Teeeeest, test, test.” Another look.

   “Rose, buttons up, those earrings are not appropriate, skirt is too short, are those shoes red?”

   “Still testing. 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1.”

   “Chyneese, those tights are not appropriate for school. If you choose to wear tights, they can’t have rips in them. Buttons done up! Skirt is too short!”

   “1, 2. Test.”

   “Abby!” he said in frustration, then turned and left the room.

   “Love you Dad!” I called after him. The other girls giggled. I heard him mutter from the next room, then he stuck his head back in.

   “Dress properly and I might love you back.”

   “You love Emma more than me,” I pouted.

   “Emma wears her uniform correctly.”

   “Emma is five. She has to wear it properly. At least tell me you love me more than Gerard.”

    There was a slight pause, then, “I love you more than Gerard.” I fist pumped.

   “Oh yeah! I knew it!” Dad rolled his eyes and left the room.

   “It’s so cool that your dad is the music teacher,” Rose said, laughing.

   “Sure, try having your dad work at your school.” I looked around, “Are we ready?” Everyone nodded. “All right, let’s do this.”

    Alex started, we’d swapped out the synth at the start for guitar, Rachel slowly rose her synth into it, then fully came into the song with Rose on drums and Chyneese on bass. Then it was me. Rachel had a fair bit of work in this song, she’d had to program the new sounds on synth, then play them throughout the song and still manipulate my voice for echoes and sound. But she could somehow manage amazingly.

   We had just reached the part with the most synth and voice manipulation when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, thinking it was just a text I let it go, but it kept ringing so I stuck up my arm, and jumped off the raised platform, indicating for them to keep playing while I took the call.

   “Yellow,” I said, pressing the answer button without looking at the caller ID.

   “Abby-” Then something I couldn’t understand. “…We… sign- …exciting…”

   “What? Sorry, what?”

   “Are… rehearsing?”

   “It’s too loud, I can’t hear you, we’re rehearsing a song.”

   More I couldn’t understand, then, “Facebook.” Then the call cut out. I was left looking at my phone in utter confusion, just as the girls finished off the song.

   “What was that?” Rachel asked, looking at me curiously.

   “I think that was Eddie…” I raised my eyebrows at the girls. “He said to check Facebook I think…” Rachel pointed at her laptop and I made a move towards it, just as my dad walked back into the room.

   “Girls, class is ending soon, better tidy up a bit in here,” he said, and then walked back out.

   “Thanks for the help!” I yelled.

   “You’re welcome!”

   “Well, we’ll check it next class,” I said, going over to the platform and helping to pack away our things.